Yoken Foundation

Welcome to Yoken ($YO)!


Yoken ($YO) is a decentralized cryptocurrency project built on the TON blockchain primarily for fun — but who knows where it might lead?


To start mining Yoken ($YO), follow these simple steps:

  1. Send a transaction to the contract’s address with a ‘yo’ message in the comment.
  2. Ensure to attach 0.3 $TON to your transaction to activate the mining.

Optionally, you can include your friend in the mining process by tagging their address in the transaction comment using the format ‘yo {friend_address}’, and they will receive 1 $YO as well in case of your success!

Do not send less than 0.3 $TON; otherwise, the transaction will be rejected.

Early Birds


To increase your chance of getting more $YO after early mining finishes, send $TON in the range 0.3 - 100.


Penalties for Spamming

The contract can detect if a wallet (especcisaly highload wallets) sends more than one inbound message per one transaction or if you sending message too often (less than every ~4 seconds). If it does, the contract will retain the incoming funds without return. Please, no cheating!


Here’s a breakdown of the token distribution:

Get Started

$YO for everyone!