Crypto Mix&Mash

Crypto Mix&Mash

Russia Bans Telegram

Telegram got banned in Russia after refusing to reveal its encryption keys to law enforcement. While the blocking itself is not a good news for users, some think that it can bolster the case for investment in Telegram crypto coin.

Telegram Bots Are After Tokens

While we are on Telegram topic – seems like some crypto groups have an issue with automated bots which are helping themselves to a share of the tokens during airdrops. That takes us to the question about how long this marketing tool will stay legit.

Travel for Crypto

Ever thought of spending your Bitcoins on a beach holiday? Good news for those planning travels – Caribbean Tourism Organization is planning to introduce cryptocurrency payments for tourism services and products in the region.

Master’s in Crypto Finance

While investing in crypto becomes mainstream, more people want to learn how to deal with it – and how to help others. If you are one of them, take a look at the Brazil’s first Master’s degree in crypto-finance at Fundação Getúlio Vargas university.

Bitcoin Voice from a 14-year old

A fourteen-year-old developer created a tool called ‘Bitcoin Voice’ to enable uncensorable voting for subjects within the bitcoin cash community.

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