ICO Advisors – Part 4

Part 4

  • On average, there are 5-6 advisors per ICO project.
  •  If you need not just a name on site, but a real help, hire key advisors on a planning stage, at least 4-5 months before the launch.
  •  Professional consultants might advise a few projects at the same time – that might affect the quality of their work. If a person is advising a dozen of ICOs, take it as a red flag.
  •  Typically an advisor works for 0.25%-1% of funds raised through an ICO. The final number depends on the consultant’s reputation and time spent on project.
  •  Not everyone is OK to get paid in tokens – often mentors ask for 50/50 remuneration split between cash and crypto. Some might insist on fiat currency payment, but it signals of intention to make a quick money without deep dive.

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