ICO Advisors – Part 3

Part 3

Where and how to look for advisors for your ICO?

  •  If you already know whom you’d like to see as your consultant – great. If not – Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, ICOBench, ratings of experts and key crypto people, as well as community recommendations will help you to create a shortlist.
  • A good way to start a conversation with a potential advisor is meeting in person – at a conference, for example. However, if you don’t have enough time or budget, and you need more than 1-2 people, start with LinkedIn or ask common friends for an intro.
  • In your message, describe the project’s key advantages, team, what kind of support you need and offer of collaboration. Don’t forget to mention existing advisors, if any.
  • Your offer should be attractive enough for an advisor, but try to avoid ‘cash only’ conditions instead of token-based remuneration. You need a trusted partner who is motivated to help you succeed, not someone who is only interested in quick and easy money.

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