ICO Advisors – Part 2

Part 2

To start with, decide which advisors your project needs based on what they can bring onboard. There are three types of potential consultants:

  • Celebrities. Opinion leaders who are well-known on the market and have a decent influence on the industry. You can use their names to promote the project, but don’t expect them to be involved a lot.
  •  ICO and blockchain experts. Those ones know all the potential challenges and can provide valuable recommendations: from token economy to specifics of crypto regulation and other legal issues.
  •  Industry leaders. If your aim is to change the rules of the game on an existing market, you’ll need experts who are well-versed on this market.

However, not all advisors are equally useful. We recommend to avoid those who support dozens of projects at the same time. Their primary (and often only) goal is to make money and ensure huge fundraising, but not to improve the quality of your product. There are many of them on the market, so be aware.


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