ICO Advisors – Part 1

Part 1

Why do I need advisors

If you are not sure why to work with consultants, here’s just a few benefits they can bring.

  •  Knowledge. Depending on the experience and expertise of an advisor, you can get actionable recommendations and support in preparing and holding a token sale. In fact, you ‘borrow’ extra knowledge and skills to increase your chances to succeed. While this benefit is quite straightforward, it’s not the only one – and even not the main one.
  •  Trust and interest. Public advisors act as guarantors of a project’s reliability for investors. If your team has a right consultant who is well-known on the market and recognized by community, it can be a massive purchase decision factor.
  •  Network. By introducing you to the top investors and quality contractors, advisors help you meet important people in the industry and grow your own network.

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