Can Thrive Disrupt Digital Ad Market?

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a decentralized platform for digital marketing where you can sell your personal data or, if you are an enterprise or a company, buy users’ data to use it in advertising.

More Information?

  •  The platform excludes mediators in the online advertising market, thus allowing companies to reduce costs and enabling users to receive remuneration for providing their personal information.
  •  The team has a vast experience in the field of digital advertising. In 2015, their Italian company WeBoom LTD was mentioned in the AdWords top ten list.
  •  The company plans to release the alpha version of the platform in the Q2 2018 and conduct beta testing with subsequent launching of a complete ecosystem in Q3.
  •  All the transactions will be carried out in ERC-20 compatible THRT tokens.
  •  The company finished their token sale collecting $26M (85% of the hardcap).

What are the Risks?

  •  Thrive is certainly trying to enter the already-existing market that is mostly divided by bigger players.
  •  The company will have to compete not only with Google and Facebook. Thrive is by no means the first project trying to change the online advertising market using a blockchain technology. Other companies include AdEx, Ad Shares, Basic Attention Token, Papyrus, Bitclave.
  •  However, even a small part of this huge and fast-growing market is worth fighting for.
    To learn more about Thrive, please, visit the company’s official website –

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