FAQ for ICO – Part 4

Part 4

A few more tips for the FAQ

  •  Split your questions into themes. For example, FAQs covering your project can be separated from the ones about ICO.
  •  Update the FAQ regularly. Someone in your team should be responsible for making amendments (e.g. if your token sale dates changed or new team members added). Community managers should add new questions from chats and comments and source the approved answers from the team.
  •  Community managers should know the FAQ quite well – try training and tests before they start work! During those tests, ask the questions in wording which is different from FAQ to evaluate the understanding of project.
  •  Also try ‘secret buyer’ tests to further train your community managers and adding some action to your chats at start. Asking the right questions can also highlight your strong sides.
  •  Track the quality, speed and content of answers in your chats. Discuss the wrong and incomplete answers in internal chats and make necessary amendments to the FAQ.
  •  In addition to FAQs in your core languages, create a checklist with recommended reactions to the typical community support issues: spam, swearing, complicated question, etc.

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