FAQ for ICO – Part 3

Part 3

How to collect questions?

Here’s the thing. FAQ will never be final, this document requires constant updating. The best source of inspiration are the actual community questions in comments or chats. They will fuel your FAQ up until the end of an ICO.
However, before you start a public conversation, you need to create a basic FAQ. Otherwise the community managers will waste time on recreating answers to similar questions and getting approvals from founders. And, if it comes to the worst, the answers will be inconsistent or even contradicting each other.

So how do I find questions to start?

  •  Brainstorm potential questions with your team. Collect a feedback from all project’s teams – developers, lawyers, marketing, founders, etc.
  •  Discuss your project at least with 10 people from various businesses outside your project – both from your industry and from completely different areas. Write down all questions they ask.
  •  De-duplicate your list, arrange it by topics and pick the top-level questions. Now it’s time for writing answers: they should be reviewed by all teams and founders to be on the same page.

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