FAQ for an ICO – Part 2

Part 2

Can I get some details?

  •  A short public FAQ to be placed on the website works as an additional source of information for potential investors. This version should have a few key questions and short, but informative answers, it doesn’t contain tricky questions that the project tries to avoid. This FAQ makes community managers’ life easier, highlights the advantages of the project and helps to sell tokens. This FAQ version should be on the website by the time you’re ready for token sale.
  •  The second – private – FAQ is used by community managers and support team. This version should have as many questions as possible – preferably, all questions that arise or may arise from the community. With this list, community managers will have almost ready answers even to the trickiest questions at hand. Why almost – because they shouldn’t copy and paste the answers, but rewrite them, adding new details and personalization.

How to put together a list of FAQs – in our next post.


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