Crypto Market Cap Drops 59% in Q1

What happened

The cryptocurrency markets’ combined capitalisation dropped by 59% in Q1 2018, shows the Coinmarketcap data.

Was it because of Bitcoin?

Not only. Bitcoin indeed has lost around 50% in value since the beginning of 2018, however a number of prominent altcoins plummeted by 70% in Q1.

Why is it important

The total market cap in early January was approximately $610 billion. Not it’s fluctuating around $250 billion. In the market dominated by bears, crypto owners are being truly tested in the rough waters.

What can we learn from it

  •  Even a growth like the one we saw in December can guarantee stable earnings in crypto markets. Keep your trading strategy flexible!
  •  During the market cap drop, Bitcoin managed to recapture its dominance, ETH – to recapture a second position, while Ripple and Bitcoin Cash experienced losses over 70%.

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