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MailChimp Moves Against Crypto

If Facebook, Google and Twitter’s ad bans were not enough, Mailchimp will reportedly shut down all crypto-related accounts, including ICOs, exchanges, news, books, events, and announcements.

Bitcoin on World Cup

Planning a trip to Russia for this year’s World Cup? Hotel owners in Kaliningrad – one of the host cities – have decided to offer their guests the opportunity to pay for their stay in Bitcoin.

Ripple to Support Public Schools

Blockchain project Ripple recently donated $29M worth of its own cryptocurrency XRP to support US public schools, fulfilling over 35,000 funding requests.

Crypto vs Religion

That’s a funny one. Two imams in Turkey were fired for having Bitcoin – the country’s religious bodies last year decided that cryptocurrency is “not compatible with Islam”.

Only 8% ICOs Reach Exchanges

Here’s a new study: believe it or not, but Satis Group LLC claims that almost 80% of ICO’s are scams, and only 8% managed to trade on an exchange.

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