Telegram Raises $850M in a Second ICO Round

What happened

Durov brothers confirmed raising another $850M for the development of the TON blockchain and Telegram in the second ICO round.

Really? When was the round and why I wasn’t invited?

As we wrote earlier (, Telegram is currently not running a public sale of tokens. Instead, they do a private (almost secretive) pre-sale. According to the SEC documents, 94 investors took part in the ICO, which started on March 14, and the minimum accepted investment equaled $1M.

Why is it important?

Telegram founders already raised another $850M in the first ICO round. That brings the total capital raised through the sale of crypto to approximately $1.7 billion before the crowdsale even started – and it’s an absolute record for the crypto industry.

What can we learn from it

  •  This round adds up to 81 investors who participated in the previous one. According to sources, among those investors were Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, founder of payment service provider Qiwi, Sergei Solonin, and founder of Wimm-Bill-Dann foods, David Yakobashvili.
  •  The notice says that “the issuers may pursue one or more subsequent offerings.”

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