Blockchain-based energy from RED

What is RED?

Restart Energy Democracy (RED) is a decentralized energy supply platform based on a blockchain technology, which enables consumers to buy energy directly from producers.

Tell Me More About It

  • Vast market experience. RED has been supplying electrical energy in Romania since 2015. It has more than 30, 000 clients, and its revenue in 2017 is estimated at 20 million dollars.
  •  In order to expand its business, RED has created the first ever retail franchise in the field of electrical energy supply.
  •  The plans are truly ambitious: expanding to 47 countries, opening 40, 000 franchises and attracting 9 million clients by 2023.
  •  Although the first ICO was scheduled for February 2018, RED held it right after a successful pre-sale in January, having sold all the MWAT tokens for just 2 minutes.
  •  The original minimum amount of energy stored in one MWAT is 0,11 kWh, which makes it a virtual energy storage device. You can either spend the accumulated amount of energy or sell it to the other members of the platform.

What Are the Risks?

  •  RED predicts a sixfold revenue increase in the coming year, although it plans to enter new markets only in the fourth quarter of 2018.
  •  RED expects the demand for the electrical energy supply to double in 2030, whereas the majority of independent experts tend to believe in a 30% increase.
  •  Other risks include possible obstacles on the part of regulators and difficulty obtaining the license.
  •  The liberalization of markets may not go as fast as expected. For example, in the USA only several states have ventured to liberalize their energy sector markets.

To learn more about RED, please, visit the company’s official website


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