Community Management – Part 4

Part 4

  •  Telegram – an absolute leader. The majority of questions and discussions happen here. To ensure that key messages are not lost in the message flow in the main chat, launch a dedicated channel for your project’s news.
  •  Chat widget on your website (Zendesk, Intercom, Jivosite etc.). Unfortunately, many ICOs ignore this tool. While it doesn’t drive as much action as Telegram, it’s still a convenient channel for quick answers (some of them generated as templates) and allows to forward questions to different team members. It’s a good channel to talk to those who are new to crypto world or don’t use Telegram on a daily basis.
  •  Twitter – here you talk to a wide international community of crypto investors, journalists and influencers.
  •  Facebook is still popular due to extended options to share posts, leave comments and repost messages to other crypto groups. It’s also quite popular among bounty hunters.
  •  Email. Sometimes the messages from potential investors come to a shared email. They need to be tracked and answered.

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