Community Management – Part 2

Part 2

  •  On average, each project is supported by 2-5 community managers. The closer to the actual ICO it gets, the more inquiries you get and the more people you need.
  •  To ensure a continuous 24/7 support, hire community managers in different time zones.
  •  Fluent English is a must. However, it’s also good to have someone able to respond in other languages – for example, in Russian, Chinese or Korean.
  •  Community managers should have a decent knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and your target industry.
  •  Preferably, hire the ones who already have an ICO experience. So start your search from the recommendations from other projects.
  •  Look for the candidates in the relevant Telegram channels (for example, @ibcghr). However, traditional job seeking websites also might work.
  •  Take a closer look at the active community members and bounty hunters. Perhaps, some of them might actually fit into a community manager’s role.

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