Crypto Mix&Mash

Google Eyeing Blockchain

Google made it to a lot of headlines with its ban on crypto ads. However, some say that Google is working on two Blockchain projects: an audit system and a cloud operations platform. And here’s the fun part: as cryptocurrencies are often part of Blockchain platforms, Google with its new ad policy effectively restricts itself from publishing content about new projects on AdWords.

Facebook Privacy Scandal: Blockchain Angle

Another hot issue of the week – misuse of Facebook users’ personal data and content. While Mark Zuckerberg tries to get out of this PR crisis, take a look at this opinion: can blockchain be a solution to retake control?

Bittrex Minus 82

Did you hear that Bittrex, one of the largest crypto exchanges, will delist 82 altcoins on March 30th? If you were as busy as us this week, go check if you have any of the affected on Bittrex and don’t forget to withdraw!

Blockchain-Based Smartphone

Would you like to have a phone which runs blockchain-based apps? Seems like soon you might have one – probably not an iPhone, but the one by Huawei. The company is said to be in talks to license Sirin Labs’ operating system to run blockchain applications along with Android.

8% Americans Own Crypto

It sometimes seems that everyone around has some bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Crypto ownership grows indeed, but looks like people talk more than buy: according to the recent study, 26 millions of Americans (or 8%) have actually purchased crypto.

Million-Dollar Cryptokitties

12 millions, to be precise. That’s the amount of investment that a blockchain-based viral game secured in VC funding led by ‘fat cats’ like Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. Simply wow.

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