Scams Which Target ICOs – Part 3

Part 3

Can I avoid scam?

No one can give a 100% assurance. However, it’s possible to minimize risks if some simple rules are followed:

  •  Protect the emails of all team members by all means: two-factor authentication, complex passwords which are changed at least once a month, etc. If any unusual activity is noticed, change all passwords immediately – even if it’s a false call, it’s better to play safe.
  •  Never share the database of your token holders publicly or with third parties.
  •  Tell your community about the trusted sources of information and about the things you will never do. For example, that you’ll never send them special offers in private messages or send your crypto wallet address in an email.
  •  Educate your token holders: tell them about the market cases, explain that it’s better to bookmark the website in case a look-alike fake website appears, specify where to look to identify a real token sale website. By the way, it was the lack of attention which helped scammers to collect $3M on a fake Telegram ICO: they honestly wrote on fake website that it was a simulation!

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