White Paper for an ICO – Part 5

Part 5

  •  Chaotic structure. While there is no single standard, try to follow “from big to small” logics.
  •  Straight into deep. You remember that only a few read White Paper till the end? Make it easier for those who want to get a helicopter view – place an exec summary in the beginning.
  •  Subjective thoughts. All statements should be based on something – research data, case studies, expert opinions.
  •  No competition. We often see two polar approaches: no mention of competitors at all or a subjective comparison where your project looks the best. Both reduce the trust to your ICO.
  •  Non-informative roadmap. The timeline should show how your project will grow, have a specific time frame and measurable metrics.
  •  Lack of token details. Token economics, its role, price, usage should be there in a WP.

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