Google to Ban Crypto Ads from June

What happened

Google will ban online ads for cryptocurrencies and ICOs from June 2018, the company has confirmed – this time, officially.

Woah… So it finally happens

We are afraid so. Remember we posted some news earlier this week about crypto companies who are seeing their AdWords accounts banned and ad views dropped ( Well, now we have a reason for it.

Why is it important

Many crypto projects were relying on ads on Google search, display and video network after Facebook banned all ICO and blockchain-related ads. Now this window is closing as well. On these news, Bitcoin has fallen down to the lowest level in more than a month.

What can we learn from it

  •  The measure will be rolled out gradually, so if AdWords still works fine for you – try to mitigate the damage by finding other well-working (and well-converting) marketing channels in the next two months.
  •  The market needs some clear standpoint in the U.S. – it seems like the longer it’s in a grey zone, the less promotion opportunities are left.

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