White Paper for an ICO – Part 3

Part 3

  •  Firstly, decide whether your team can create a document fully in-house or it’s better to get a third-party help with a relevant experience.
  •  Choosing a second option, please consider that you won’t be able to stay away from the process. No one describes the project better than you. The quality of raw data and your engagement defines the final result.
  •  When you have the first draft which fulfils your basic requirements, show it to your advisors and to some people who are not familiar with the project. A fresh view can help to find and fix some flaws.
  • This stage can take quite long. Feedback can be dubious, and the effort to make changes – huge.
  •  Even if you want to polish your White Paper to perfection, it’s important to have a public working version before the active phase. You can post a final version later by simply updating the document on the website.
  •  Usually the active work on White Paper takes at least 2 months, so start early.
  •  Don’t forget to add some time for design and layout – a week, at least. Then the translation will follow. However, this is a topic for another conversation.

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