White Paper for an ICO – Part 1

White Paper for an ICO


A quality White Paper should have at least the following:

  •  Problem description. A clear answer to the question, why your product is needed.
  •  Solution. Detailed product description and explanation, how it can solve the existing industry problems.
  •  Market analysis. It’s important to show the market perspectives and what makes you different from the competitors.
  •  Team. While this part is usually one of the last ones, it’s a crucial point. Show the experience and expertise of your team and advisors, tell about their previous successful projects. Crypto investors are often putting money not behind the idea, but behind people, betting on the dream team to make the project happen.
  •  Token emission and project economy. Describe your token, how it works with the product, what’s the economy behind it. It’s important to explain the token distribution, initial price setting, plans to place tokens on exchanges, etc.
  •  Roadmap. Key milestones and plans for the next 12-18 months.

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