Crypto Mix&Mash

Crypto in Dictionary

Guess which words just made their way to Merriam-Webster dictionary? It now officially includes ‘Cryptocurrency’, ‘ICO’ and ‘blockchain’. Time to get a new edition!

Lower Fees

Are you a crypto exchange customer? You might wanna know that a few most popular cryptocurrency exchanges have cut bitcoin withdrawal fees by up to half.

PayPal’s Need For Speed

No one likes to wait, right? PayPal guys have filed a patent to speed up crypto transactions – however, as experts say, a described method for eliminating the verification time is already possible through other technologies.

Rich Don’t Get Crypto

Well, of course, they do get it – by buying it. But, as the recent research shows, the world’s richest people don’t understand cryptocurrency very well. Which doesn’t stop them from investing even more!

Bitcoin Misery Index

A new index on the block! “Bitcoin Misery Index” helps cryptocurrency investors know the right time to buy BTC. Think of it as a way to understand how happy or sad you are owning bitcoin.

Enjoy the weekend!


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