Landing website for an ICO – Part 4

What is One Pager?

An executive summary of your White Paper, 1-2 pages with key project ideas, what’s new about it, which problems it solves, go-to-market strategy, expected financials.

What is White Paper?

If you are new to the ICO world, a WP is a key document for a token sale. It includes a detailed description of a blockchain-based project, including:

  •  problem(s) and proposed solutions;
  •  product description;
  •  market description and how the product fits;
  •  token distribution (how it works with the product, token economy and technical implementation);
  •  team, investors and advisors;
  •  token allocation and future perspectives;
  •  project roadmap.

    When should the White Paper be on your website? Read our next post.


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