Can Thrive Disrupt Digital Ad Market?

Thrive: Blockchain based Marketplace to Buy and Sell Advertising

We continue to review interesting blockchain projects and share our observations. Have you already heard of Thrive?

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a decentralized platform for digital marketing where you can sell your personal data or, if you are an enterprise or a company, buy users’ data to use it in advertising.

The platform excludes mediators in the online advertising market, thus allowing companies to reduce costs and enabling users to receive remuneration for providing their personal information. Besides that, blockchain and smart contract technologies as well as the transparency of the distributed ledger will help reduce the platform fee by several times compared to that of its competitors and ensure a high level of personal data security.   


Currently, the world market of digital advertising, which steadily increases by 3,5 – 5 % per year and has outgrown TV advertising in many countries, is dominated by Google and Facebook. Companies looking for personalized advertising are allowed in the “treasure-house of data” owned by Google and Facebook. The access is not, of course, free of charge, yet the companies are not always satisfied with the service. Meanwhile, Internet users, whose information is basically used by Internet corporations to make money, get nothing.

The creators of the platform conducted a survey among advertisers and owners of Internet resources where ads are placed on a regular basis (which comprised more than a hundred companies), and more than 80 % of the respondents expressed a wish to work with Thrive.


Of course, Thrive is trying to enter the already-existing market divided by bigger players. However, the company will have to compete not only with Google and Facebook. Thrive is by no means the first project trying to change the online advertising market using a blockchain technology. We’re talking about AdEx, Ad Shares, Basic Attention Token, Papyrus, Bitclave. Nevertheless, even a small part of this huge and fast-growing market is worth fighting for.  


The company plans to release the alpha version of the platform in Q2 of 2018 and conduct beta testing with subsequent launching of a complete ecosystem in the Q3.


The team consists of experienced online advertising professionals. Their company WeBoom LTD was mentioned in the AdWords list of top ten digital advertising companies in 2015 and is ranked fourth in Italy in this field.  

The project is registered in Malta under the name of Thrive Labs LTD. The government of this country actively supports the implementation of blockchain technologies and works on the creation of favorable conditions which can help attract and develop such projects.

Token Sale

The company finished their pre-sale collecting $10 million. The ICO date has not been announced yet.  

All official info about Thrive is available through:


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