Landing website for an ICO – Part 3

What should be on a website when PR starts?

After the first press articles, the website will start getting traffic from potential investors. At this point, the website should have full and detailed information about the project, such as:

  •  token distribution terms and conditions;
  •  countdown (now – before the token sale, later – to the end of bonus period or the token sale);
  •  project roadmap;
  •  team communication channels (Telegram chats, Intercom, Slack, etc.);
  •  One Pager (preferably).

Why One Pager?

We are often asked – why do we need One Pager, if the White Paper is coming soon? Firstly, ‘soon’ is quite an ambiguous timeline, and it might mean weeks or even months. Secondly, there are a lot of projects, and investors often do not read a whole White Paper before making a decision. They will go ahead with the ones which help them to make this decision – so let’s help them choose yours!


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