Landing website for an ICO – Part 2

So when do I launch?

A few months before the token sale, when you still might not be active publicly, but already in talks with key investors and journalists. You need a landing point to get the key details about the project. For an ICO on this stage the website is important as a place to collect leads – the emails of potential investors who showed interest.

What should it have?

  •  Preferably, a good usability. Simple and easy-to-use menu, clear structure and mobile-optimized design. If the first two can be improved later, a mobile version should work!
  •  short product description (what’s new about it, advantages, why are you using blockchain, etc.)
  •  subscription form (newsletter or a Whitelist)
  •  team (pictures, short bio, social media profiles)
  •  links to social media accounts
  •  email (create a common one for the project, but don’t forget to check it!)

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