Events: How to Choose the Best Ones?

Taking part in blockchain conferences is a cornerstone of your ICO. However, the range of industry events might be confusing. This week we are talking about choosing the right events, preparing for them and getting the most of them.

How to Choose?

A lot of blockchain events take place around the world every day – and often at the same time. Don’t try to cover them all – prioritize the important networking platforms. Here’s what to look at.

  •  Keynote speakers – take a look if there are any investors or key industry experts. Your main goal is to meet those people.
  •  Organization committee. It’s better if they are already known in the industry or have organized blockchain events before..
  •  Sponsors. If the event is supported by the top blockchain projects, it’s a worthy one.
  •  ICO pitching opportunities. Even if you don’t secure any investments after the pitch, it’s a good chance to showcase your project and make a first intro to investors.
  •  Location. Don’t focus on local events – you’ll most likely see the same faces each time. Engage your team and visit conferences in different parts of the world, depending on your ICO target markets.

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