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Why does ICO PR cost more?

Let’s see why ICO promotion services are usually more expensive compared to the same services for the usual IT projects and companies.

What do the agencies charge for?

Team and time – those are the pillars which the agencies’ costs stand upon. Learn why the agency might come cheaper than in-house.

How to pick an agency?

Where to look if you want to choose the right agency for your ICO.

Full package or pick&mix?

Whether you are aiming at the full comms package or for a support on one platform, here’s the chance to see the prices. However, it won’t be easy to negotiate a fragmented campaign.

Key budget points

Believe our word – there is no point to calculate an ICO budget detailed to each dollar. Channels will change, and the prices, too. However, here’s a handy checklist of must-have media costs in your budget.

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