Crypto Mix&Mash

The days become longer, the nights shorter… The last cryptodigest of February is here to help you catch up with all the fun, quirky and weird crypto news.

Musk and BTC

Can you guess how much crypto does Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX, have? Not as much as you think. He recently admitted having as little as 0.25 BTC – and even those he didn’t buy, but got from his friend.

Tesla Cryptojacked

Maybe Elon Musk just doesn’t trust crypto people? The recent incident revealed cryptojackers targeting Tesla’s AWS container to mine for cryptocurrencies.

46% Fail

2017 was definitely a year of ICOs. But how many of them actually succeeded? A new report shows that 46% of them are effectively dead already – despite raising over $104 million.

Crypto and stress

The whole crypto industry tend to whine about regulations. Did anyone ever think about the level of stress that regulators face themselves? One of the top figures in the South Korean government associated with regulating cryptocurrency has passed away. Presumably, it happened because of a heart attack – his colleagues say he had been under “heavy stress” since taking charge.

Mugged for Bitcoin

Being a crypto investor might be stressful, too. One fell victim in Moscow who reportedly disfigured him and stole over $1M worth of Bitcoin.
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