ICO Budget – Part 4

How to work then?

Here is a tip: choose a channel, invest a bit, and evaluate the effect. If the conversion is high, invest more money, if not – try something else. The budget can be from $100k to infinity. The market average is $300-500k.

What’s included?

  •  Listings. There are a lot of them, and the key opportunities are free. You’ll need to pay for featuring. It costs from $150 to $13.000, but it works.
  •  Events. Personal pitches give great results. Factor in the entry tickets and extra options ($1k-$10k), flights and accommodation. However, that covers up with investment opportunities, extra PR and – in case of contest – cash prizes worth a few dozen thousands of dollars.
  •  Media. Conversion from press publications is lower compared to listings. But you can’t ignore them, as they generate the hype. Don’t spend your time and money on smaller outlets – pay $3k-$12k for the major ones and you’ll feel the difference.
  •  YouTube. Only a few bloggers can generate conversions – you either need to know them, or spend some time on screening. Besides, popular bloggers do not feature everyone – you need connections. Prices vary from free to tokens or $500-$10k.
  •  Telegram. Currently shows lower effectiveness. Prices are between $50 and $1k.

By the way, agencies often help to cut the costs, as they negotiate placements for several projects and get a ‘wholesale’ discount.


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