ICO Budget – Part 3

Today we’ll share some real prices of the companies who provide the ICO promotion services. You better take a seat for these.

So how much is it?

The cost of working with an agency usually breaks into 2 parts: a monthly retainer and a % share of token sale. Some agencies name the monthly price, others – a cost of a package for a minimum project time which is typically 3 months. In any case, none of the agencies will take the project for a shorter period.

  •  agency retainer can reach $18-170к a month,
  •  and 1,5-6% of token sale revenue.

What is covered?

It depends – each agency has its own terms and conditions. For example, a minimum package of $18K that we know involves only PR on a Western market – a few publications in the U.S. A full package offers a turnkey solution which includes social media, events, PPC etc.

And if I don’t need a package?

You can always raise this question. However, not all agencies agree on fragmented orders, considering the high demand. Anyway, here are some price points:

  •  Bitcointalk+Telegram – starting at 12ETH
  •  Telegram – $8k+
  •  Bounty program – $4к + 5% from bounty in tokens
  •  Listings – $10к
  •  White Paper – $10-50к

Still have some doubts? Here is a reminder of what the agency work comprises (, what the advantages of working with agency are ( and how to choose an agency for your ICO (


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