Telegram Is Raising More Money On Its Secretive Pre-ICO

What happened

It hasn’t been long since Durov brothers reported raising $850M for the development of the TON blockchain and Telegram. Now they are trying to raise more money on a secretive pre-sale before the tokens are offered to public.

How do you know?

That one comes from The Verge. The journalists found out that investors got an email from Telegram about the plans and terms of another private pre-sale.

How much do they want this time

The target amount is not specified yet. But some sources say that the second round aims to be around the same size as the first one. That way, Telegram might be raising over $1.6 billion before the crowdsale even starts.

What can we learn from it

  •  That Telegram can. Even after the first round, it’s the biggest coin sale on the market. And the sources say, it was oversubscribed.
  •  At the same time, according to The Verge, their proposal might be short on technical details, and Telegram’s high valuation could be driven by hype and speculation rather than the value.
  •  The public sale was expected to be in March, but with the new plans the dates remain unclear.

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