ICO Budget: How to Pick an Agency

How to Pick an Agency

So how do I pick an agency?

  •  Recommendations really work. Talk to someone who did an ICO – whom they worked with, how the results were, what worked and what didn’t.
  • Browse through the agencies’ websites and double check the information – it’s funny to see a “3 years in ICO communications” claim on a website which is one month old.
  •  Look at the agency’s portfolio and talk to the founders of projects that you found there. There are times when logos do not match the real work – and that’s bad. But sometimes there are projects where only one or a few team members were engaged – don’t worry, that’s totally normal.
  •  If the agency’s website looks a bit empty – it doesn’t mean that the agency is not worthy. Best people are usually too busy to spend too much time on decorating. And they don’t have to – ICO founders are already queuing up for their services.
  •  Talk to the agency executives. Quite often the team is distributed, and there is no chance to bring the whole team together in one place. However, a distributed team is more of a benefit for an ICO – PR, community and SMM managers in the USA, Europe and Asia ensure that the work is covered 24/7 and have a better knowledge of target markets and languages.
    So how much does it cost? Stay with @Yoken!

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