ICO Budget – Part 2

Let’s talk about the costs of ICO promotion agencies.

Why agency, not in-house?

Each option has its pros and cons. The advantages of in-house approach include the presence of the staff in the office and seemingly lower costs. But if you do the maths, it’s actually the other way round.

How do you do your maths?

  •  As we said, ICO is a very dense story. In 2-4 months you need to do a scope of work which usual projects cover in 1-2 years. From day one you need a well-working team of a dozen specialists covering all aspects of ICO comms.
  •  At least a half of this team should be of top specialists with experience in global PR (including the one in Asia) and SMM. They should be proficient in the crypto industry – or you’ll spend weeks on introductions. Good-level PR professionals cost around $4K, but the ones with all necessary skills for an ICO will be twice more expensive.
  •  ICO promotion agencies have well-trained teams which can launch your comms the same day as you sign the contract. While hiring the whole team in-house will take weeks, and it will take them even longer to define the processes. We have recently spoken to a project whose owners hired three PR specialists one by one, and didn’t get a result with any of them. Those experiments wasted precious time, and by the start of token sale there wasn’t a single press publication about the project.
    How much the exact services cost and how to pick an agency – in our next tips.

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