ICO Budget – Part 1

Why many services for ICO are more expensive?

  • To start with, let’s see why ICO promotion services are usually more expensive compared to the same services for the usual IT projects and companies.
  •  ICO campaigns are very dense – you have only 2-4 months to cover it all. In that timeframe, there is simply no time to rewrite strategies and procrastinate. You should hit the ground running with a global PR from day one – and to communicate in various languages.
  •  ICO promotion needs constant research and creative thinking. Any tool which was working yesterday might stop working – or become banned (like ICO ads on Facebook) tomorrow. You’ll have only a few days to regroup and launch something new.
  •  The market is overheated. The number of ICOs grows every day, while the number of experienced professionals, tools and channels is limited. So the good ones are booked way ahead, and they dictate prices, while others raise the prices accordingly.
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