Crypto Mix&Mash

Who is Who on Blockchain

Cointelegraph, an authoritative crypto media, have posted a ‘Top People in Blockchain’ rating. How was the math done, you asking? Well, they calculated a number of mentions of each in the mainstream ratings, such as Forbes’ and Fortune’s. And we think you know who’s on top…

$850M for Telegram

Pavel and Nikolai Durov, the founders of Telegram, just filed a notice to SEC about raising $850M from 81 investors for the development of the TON blockchain and the messenger itself. Looks like no one needs a crowdsale anymore, apart from..

Nostalgic crypto

An old-school gaming company? Atari, a company behind Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Asteroids, decided to enter a crypto market with Atari token. Why not?

Crypto Kitties vs runner-ups

However, they might be outbeat by the new generation of crypto game developers already. If Crypto Kitties are not enough, there are 4 more to keep you entertained.

Bitcoin on the Ellen Show

“Everybody is talking about bitcoin; nobody understands it,” says TV queen Ellen DeGeneres. We all feel that sometimes, but the recent episode where Ms. DeGeneres talks about Bitcoin simply screams about mass adoption. How about looking it up for a Sunday morning coffee?

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