Thought Leadership: The Next Steps

  • Take your place in ratings. Even if Forbes 30 before 30 is not yet (or already not) for you, there are many other authority lists for experts in various fields – from blockchain to AI. Describe your achievements and apply.
  •  Give talks at industry events. If you didn’t do it yet, first speeches could be organized through event sponsorships. When you are acknowledged as a good speaker, you might be invited for free.
  •  Communicate. Take part in meetups, attend industry events, network with other influencers. Crypto community is still relatively small, and you should be recognized there.
  •  Be on social media. Pictures from events and links to press are not enough. Share your personal opinion about industry news, give your view on trends, and tell about the real cases. Initiate the discussions and timely react to comments.
  •  Don’t stick to one platform. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, even Instagram – be active everywhere.
  •  Start your personal Medium blog. By the way, if your feature got rejected by editors, post it on your blog – see what your audience says.
  •  Learn from the best. Subscribe to influencers whom you find interesting – and not just from crypto industry, as the great ideas sometimes emerge on the edge of topics.

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