Thought Leadership: Where to Contribute

  •  VentureBeat. A popular IT resource is famous for a transparent system of contributions and, what’s even more important, for a quality feedback. Even if your feature is rejected, the editor most likely will write you back, explain the reasons and give some tips for the future writing.
  •  Forbes. This one does not need any introductions. However, pay extra attention to their guidelines. By the way, you can fully stretch your writing muscles here – unlike other media, Forbes accepts features of up to 2000 words.
  •  Inc. A legendary American magazine about entrepreneurship. Beware – you won’t find the guidelines for contributors on the website. So stick to the tips from our previous posts.
  •  Business Insider. They have over a hundred of contributors who share expertise in various science and business fields. Join the party!
  •  Fast Company. Leadership, business, career and innovation – those are the key topics of this media. Contributed articles are rare, but if you managed to write something relevant and follow the style, go ahead!
  •  TheNextWeb. Here you can find the longest and the fullest guideline for contributions. If you not only read till the end, but also considered all the requirements, there is a high chance for success.

    Of course, it’s not a complete list, but scoring at least a couple of those resources is a great start for a sustainable thought leadership.


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