Microsoft to Bring Blockchain-Based ID to Authenticator App

What happened

In a move to provide a new type of digital identity not under control of any institution and to enable fully private data storage, Microsoft announced the plans to add support to blockchain-based Decentralized Identities to Microsoft Authenticator App.

How will it work?

As Microsoft explains: “Microsoft Authenticator will be able to act as your User Agent to manage identity data and cryptographic keys. In this design, only the ID is rooted on chain. Identity data is stored in an off-chain ID Hub (that Microsoft can’t see) encrypted using these cryptographic keys.”

Why is it important

No one will argue that we all need a way to take ownership of our digital identity and a way for apps and services to interact with our data while honoring user privacy and control. Microsoft aims to bring this vision one step closer to reality.

What can we learn from it

  •  Microsoft believes in blockchain protocols, considering them to be “well suited for enabling Decentralized IDs (DID).”
  •  DIDs have a potential to shift the control over data from any government or corporations to individual citizens.

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