Crypto Mix&Mash

After a busy week, it’s so good to unwind and catch up with all the quirky and curious crypto news that Yoken team collects for you.

When Lambo?

Saw those meme jokes that Lamborghinis, those luxury Italian sports car, are so loved by cryptocurrency owners? Well, that might not be a joke, after all. There’s even a special Lambo-centric price ticker that pairs a Lamborghini Aventador with the price of BTC!

Crypto & Fashion

Crypto drives inspiration for various industries – fashion is not standing aside! Belgian designer Raf Simons’ runway show at New York Fashion Week was full of crypto-like signs. Time to pick a new outfit?

Canada vs ICO ads

On a serious side – after Facebook banned ICO ads, Google might follow. Canada regulators suggested Google to put a ban on crypto ads in search.

Japan tax frenzy

Complaining about the high income taxes? You might not be alone. Japanese crypto investors face up to 55% tax on profits from dealing with digital currencies.

Bangkok crackdown

A Russian citizen believed to be an administrator for the Dark Web site Infraud and the owner of 100K BTC ($820 mln), was arrested in Bangkok.

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