Email marketing: Newsletter Design

Newsletter Design

Why do you need it?

When getting ready for an ICO, newsletter design seems to be not the first one on your to-do list and there’s a risk of neglecting it completely. However, the “package” of your email makes a difference on whether it will be read or not.

Key takeawasy

  •  Use GIF instead or pictures to animate your email. However, if the animation effect will not load, the user will see only the first caption. Make the most of it.
  •  Contrasting, but matching colours will help to grab attention. But don’t make it too flashy.
  •  Drive attention to the content. Especially because the images might be blocked by an email client. Various styles, colours and fonts will help to highlight the key message.
  •  Don’t use more than 3 fonts per letter, as well as try to avoid non-standard fonts. If something goes wrong, the letter won’t be read.
  •  Highlight your call to action. For example, place it on a button – it will get more attention than a hyperlink.
  •  Add an integration with your social media accounts – don’t forget about a footer with sharing buttons.
  •  Keep it nice and simple. Too much effort might switch the attention to design itself.

Shall I do everything by myself?

Most emailing services offer letter constructors, and you can also use online editing services. All of them allow to use predesigned templates or quickly create your own design.


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