Email marketing: Letters from CEO

Letters from CEO

How does it work?

Service emails and the majority of marketing letters ( are quite standard and can be sent from the team in general. But if something really important happens, your community deserves to hear about it personally from your CEO. Needless to say, the attitude to such emails would be special, too.

What can CEO tell about?

The leader of your project can inform the community about the crucial news – for example, if the concept of project is changing or a new milestone is achieved. Your CEO can also write a ‘thank you’ letter to investors – early bird or whale ones – and offer his or her personal referral link with a special bonus for a new purchase.

What else?

  •  Personal letters from CEO have a strong impact. The tone of voice should be personal and appropriate – avoid templates and formalities, write sincerely and directly. However, don’t overdo it – ‘hi, love’ is probably too much.
  •  Email is often perceived as a invitation to a dialogue. And the ice breaker is knowing each other face to face. So add a good quality picture of your CEO or even a video.
  •  A cherry on top – if you write a letter from CEO, it should be sent from his or her personal email. It ensures token holder in the project’s transparency – it’s easier to trust a company if you can write to CEO and get a reply.
  •  Finally, a letter from CEO can be reused on Medium – from our experience, that’s a great start for a new community dialogue.

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