Email Marketing: List of Letters

Email Marketing: List of Letters

Last week we were all over the place and didn’t manage to tell you everything about email marketing. You’ll be in the same place when doing your ICO, so do your homework in advance! For example, get ready all the templates for your email newsletters. You’ll need two types of letters – service and marketing ones. Here’s the list!

Service letters

Service letters are the autoresponses which a user gets when completing a certain action. Those are must-haves: make sure they are written, proofread by a native speaker, nicely designed and set up for with your website launch. Here are some letters – please note that the list should be adjusted based on the functionality of your website.

  •  confirmation of subscription to news
  •  confirmation of joining the Whitelist
  •  personal account registration
  •  money transfers
  •  getting referral bonuses
  •  getting tokens
  •  reminders for those who registered, but didn’t buy tokens yet
  •  series of letters for password recovery.

Marketing letters

Those messages should sell your tokens to those who subscribed to your project’s updates, but didn’t buy or didn’t buy much. Get them ready in advance!

  •  pre-sale and sale going live (consider a series of reminders – 2 days,1 hour, the actual start)
  •  information for the early bird buyers
  •  details of various stages of token sale (bonus #1, bonus #2, last chance to get a bonus, etc.)
  •  the end of the token sale
  •  news and updates.
    And keep our email marketing checklist for your ICO at hand:

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