Baidu Launches CryptoDogs – A CryptoKitties’ Copycat

Baidu Launches CryptoDogs – A CryptoKitties’ Copycat

What happened

We all need some easy news on Monday. So, dog lovers rejoince! Chinese internet giant Baidu will try to repeat the huge success of CryptoKitties game with a brand-new blockchain-based release called CryptoDogs.

I love both dogs and blockchain! Tell me more!

Just like CryptoKitties, the game lets players to buy, trade and breed unique digital doggies with recording everything on a blockchain.
CryptoDogs will actually try to overcome one annoying issue of its hit counterpart – slow transactions. Baidu’s game will be based not on Ethereum, but a new blockchain alternative known as Achain.

Why is it important

Firstly, because it’s China with its love-hate relationships with cryptocurrencies. Secondly, because it’s interesting to see whether the copy can get more popular than the original, Finally, that’s another push for altcoins – all doggies are valued in Achain’s ACT cryptocurrency.

What can we learn from it

  •  Despite censoring cryptocurrency ads and completely blocking foreign crypto exchanges, China seems to fall for crypto pets just like anyone else.
  •  The key question will be whether Achain won’t face the same issues as Ethereum blockchain.

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