Crypto Mix & Mash

Saturday night – in or out? No matter where, our digest of fun, curious and quirky news will fuel your crypto conversations.

50 Cent vs. Bitcoin Millions

Did you recently remember about having a bitcoin or two? You are not alone! Rapper 50 Cent reportedly found out he has $7.7 million worth of bitcoin from long-ago album sales. Nearly 700 bitcoin were paid in return for a 2014 release.

North vs. South

Seems like the long-standing conflict now moves into crypto space. The recent report links North Korean hacking group to various South Korean cryptocurrency exchange attacks and security breaches.

Cryptocelebrities vs. Cryptokittens

Cryptokitties are so yesterday’s news! Celebrities on blockchain is the new trend. Cryptocelebrities, a smart contract-based trading game which profits from digital scarcity, wants traders to spend thousands of dollars on one-of-the-kind digital “celebrities”.

Bitcoin for DNA Code

Thinking of ways to make some crypto? Here is one. A PhD student has won 1 bitcoin by cracking a code in a tube of DNA – a challenge created at the World Economic Forum in Davos back in 2015.

Australian Airport and Bitcoin

Looking how to spend your bitcoin? Air travelers will soon be able to spend some cryptocurrency in stores and cafes at Brisbane Airport.

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