A Word About the Effectiveness of Email Marketing

We already mentioned that email newsletters are relatively cheap, but effective tools to attract investors. Let’s see how.

Repeated impression

ICO market is overheated – lots of interesting projects compete for the same investors. To get their attention, you need at least 5-6 impressions. Email newsletter is one of them.

Segmentation and customization

Targeting in social media and search is impressive. However, even those platforms don’t know the user as good as you. For example, if a potential token holder has registered an account, but didn’t transfer any Bitcoins in there. It’s crucial to send this user a reminder! And, of course, all emails should be addressed directly and by name where possible.

Opportunity to rewind

ICO – is a complex product. Not many people can digest a White paper and invest quickly. Email is a good place to store the offers and go back to them when needed, or to track the project’s updates to invest at a convenient time.

Private communication

Crypto investors are always afraid of scam. A personal email from an ICO founder or advisor can boost the trust to the project.

Сall to action

If your email was catchy enough, it can lead to sale in a few clicks. Use a definite CTA and add a link to the personal account. By the way, always UTM-mark your links to track the results.


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