Email marketing: Where to Start

Why email, if there is Telegram?

According to InboxMarketing who looked at top 40 projects on ICOholder, 2/3 of them are not using email marketing. Others try to do something, but with minor results. Only 15% ICO projects utilize email marketing effectively – others buy the expensive Telegram ads instead.

How is the ROI?

Email marketing is not just an affordable, but also an effective tool. At least, it’s considered so by the American finance experts, who use newsletters. 27% of them consider email ROI as excellent and 46% – as good. 20% and 46% respectively think so of SEO, 14% and 45% – of PPC, and only 10% and 29% – of social media.

So whom do I send emails to?

There are a few ways to put together a database of contacts:

  •  to shake up your team members for their databases;
  • to ask from someone you know who already did an ICO;
  • to buy;
  •  to set up an email collector on you landing page.
    Important – this is not a recommendation and not all of these ways are equally effective and legal. We’ll talk about it in detail in our next posts. Send a link to @Yoken to your marketers!

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