Crypto Mix&Mash

Weekend means relaxing, spending time with friends and family – and reading some quirky and fun news from the crypto world!

Headhunting season

Looking for a career shift? Overwhelmed by the new registrations which reached a million users per day in December, cryptocurrency exchanges are hiring staff by the hundreds.

Crypto vanity fail

If you made a fortune on the cryptocurrency fluctuations – good for you! But, perhaps, it’s not the best thing to brag about. A Russian cryptocurrency investor and blogger who boasted about his wealth was robbed for $425K.

Basketball goes crypto

Considering to renew your basketball seasonal ticket? Dallas Mavericks, the team supported by the major crypto proponent Mark Cuban, will start accepting cryptocurrency for tickets from the next season.

Anchors aweigh

Over 600 crypto enthusiasts set sail for the second annual Blockchain cruise this week. By the time their ship has successfully reached Thailand, the bitcoin price sink from $13,500 to $10,000.

One person to make the jump

A paper on Bitcoin (BTC) price manipulation shows that just one actor pushed the price of Bitcoin from $150 to $1000 in 2013.

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