NYSE Owner To Launch Global Cryptocurrency Data Feed

Owner To Launch Global Cryptocurrency Data Feed

What happened

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE), a parent company of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), said it will launch a Cryptocurrency Data Feed with real-time information from over 15 exchanges globally.

Wow. Great news! Tell me more!

The new data feed will show real-time prices and order book data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, comparing them to fiat currencies like dollar.
ICE Data Services partnered with Blockstream for the launch – the blockchain startup will be responsible for collecting the data from crypto exchanges.


According to, the launch is planned sometime in Q1 2018.

What can we learn from it

  •  Aggregating data from different exchanges is not a new idea – look at Google Finance, for example. However, crypto market still doesn’t have a comprehensive source of pricing data.
  •  The launch is good news for investors who will be able to track more easily how different markets are performing.

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